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Our Story

I've always had a passion for travel and have been helping others "spread their wings" for almost a decade. That hobby of helping others plan trips, was ultimately what drove me to make the decision to officially open my own travel agency. HÖL (pronounced whole) was founded in May of 2020, and is 100% woman, veteran owned and operated. Starting a travel agency in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic didn't look like the best business move. However, the lack of travel actually allowed me the ability to really learn the ins and outs of the travel industry. That extra knowledge of the industry helped to more than triple sales each year and have since been able to expand our team! Our agency is affiliated with Travel Quest Network/Travel Leaders which is one of the top travel consortiums in the world. We hope to continue growing and are so glad you're here!

Spread your wings!

-Madeline Puckett


Owner/Certified Travel Associate

Favorite Destination: Scotland

Specialities: Disney, Universal, All-Inclusives, Cruises

Fun Facts: 

I'm a crazy dog mom

I am a lover of all things wine

I have my advanced scuba certification

Traveling has truly been a passion of mine for years. I have always been fascinated by the beauty, uniqueness and experiences gained by traveling to new destinations. I began this company to give people the opportunity to achieve their travel dreams and make memories to last a lifetime! 



Independent Travel Agent

Favorite Destination: Italy

Specialities: All-Inclusives, Destination Trips, Weekend Getaways

Fun Facts: 

One of my hobbies is flying. I actually have my private pilot's license!

In the winter you can find me on the mountain skiing

I absolutely love traveling, and a passion of mine is to make travel more accessible to everyone. Short on time? Let me plan a perfect weekend getaway for you. Tight budget? We can discuss money saving tips to make your travel dreams a reality!

Mackenzie Howard

Independent Travel Agent

Favorite Destination: Paris

Specialties: All-Inclusives, Cruises, Family Trips, Destination Trips

Fun Facts: 

My husband and I met in military training in San Angelo, TX

I have Irish twins both born in 2020

I also do Mobile Spray Tanning!

My love for adventure and traveling really started in my early twenties when I met my husband. Hearing all of his adventures made me realize just how much is out there! As your travel agent, my goal is to make your trip, vacation, or honeymoon full of memories and relaxation. I also believe travel planning is not “one size fits all”. Everyone has different expectations and wants and I am here to make it happen!


Madeline Williams

Independent Travel Agent

Favorite Destination: Costa Rica

Specialities: Disney Destinations

Fun Facts: I worked in Disney World and soon started helping others around me to plan Disney vacations. 

I have always loved planning all of our family vacations and helping others. I knew it wouldn't be too soon before I started working as a travel agent. In my free time I love playing with my adopted aussie and reading as many books I can get my hands on. I also am an experienced type of gal. I can be found at the farmer's markets, estate sales, and local concerts. 


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At HÖL Travels, the sky’s the limit in terms of creating your next travel itinerary. Contact us to begin planning your next unforgettable adventure today.





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